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Mangualde is in the Region Center, more concretely in Viseu. It is located more or fewer 15 km of the thirst of the district of Viseu.

The district of Mangualde is confronted to North with the district of Penalva of the Castle, to West with the district of Viseu, to South with the districts of In them, Seia and Gouveia and to This one with the district of Ovens of Algodres.

In this district there is a chain of small mountains when the Spring is standing out to Mountain range of the Good Success, which is extended for Guimarães de Tavares. In this chain there are succeeded the Mountain ranges of The Old woman, High Wedge and Almeidinha that are connected with that of the Lady of the Castle.

The climate is Mediterranean with continental form, presenting cold Winters and hot and dry summers.

The district is crossed to North by the river They give and to South for the river Mondego, constituting both you border natural of the same thing. The dam of Fagilde is the biggest existent hydrographic extension.

In 1058, the Medieval castle was conquered to the Moors, for Fernando Magno, Lion's King. So in 1102 the Count D. Henry and D. Teresa, before the independence of Portugal, gave foral to the lands of Zurara, They give between it and the Mondego.

The Assembly of the Republic lifted up Mangualde to the category of city on the 3rd of July of 1986.