The Medieval Mangualde castle was conquered from the Moors, by Fernando Magno, King of León in 1058. The Counts D. Henry and D. Teresa, conceded the charter in 1102. With the founding of the Misericordia in the 17th Century and the establishment of the traditional local fair in the 19th Century, which opened new access roads, the old village reached a higher level of development, recognised by the Government and in 1986 Mangualde was elevated to the status of city. 

Mangualde, formerly known as Azurara da Beira, is an ancient land and shows traces of the presence of man since the neolithic age (Dolmen of Cunha Baixa), passing through the age of roman domain, with Roman paths, Milestones and Ruins making their mark. 

Its geographical location, situated on the crossroads of the important access roads, (IP3 and A25) and the modernization of the Beira Alta rail line, the main connection to Europe via railway, catapulted Mangualde to a superior development, bringing investment from new businesses which in turn created new jobs and stabilized the population. 

Mangualde is situated in the Centre Region, approximately 15km from Viseu, and covers an area of 220.72km2. 

In the parish of Alcafache, on the banks of the Dão River, there is a thermal resort with sulphuric water that is hot hyperthermal, sodium bicorbanate, fluoridated, thiosulfated, alkaline, has low level mineralization and is very silicate. The waters spring at a temperature of 50ºC, and studies reveal an age of over 14,000 years. These waters are ideal for health problems, namely rheumatological, muscular and respiratory conditions. It is considered the best in the country. 

The climate is Mediterranean with continental form, presenting cold Winters and hot and dry summers. 

With a dynamic social movement, there are many events organized throughout the year. 

The municipality promotes the events of highest relevance to the county, as is the case of the Feira dos Santos, a traditional regional fair, which is without a doubt the event that brings most tourists to Mangualde.

 Other than this event, which takes place on the first weekend of November, there are others that guarantee animation to the people of Mangualde, and its visitors; City Festival, Pedestrian Walkways, Scenic Road Routes, Antique Fairs, National Arts & Crafts Exhibition, AgroMangualde, Gastronomic, Cultural and Sports Events, amongst others. 

In constant movement, always with something to entertain, Mangualde awaits you!

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